#SSC 3, April 10-16

original_bronze-twelve-light-birdcage-chandelierWinner, winner, chicken dinner!!

I’m pleased to announce the winner for the FIRST Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins Sunday Scribble Challenge is . . . JL Phillips, poet, author, and blogger of: To Breathe is to Write.

The prompt for that week?

Your character is examining their reflection. Something’s changed. Describe the change and your character’s reaction in just three sentences. Use whatever methods you can to draw your reader in.

Jackie’s winning submission:

Her breath stopped for a second as she gazed at her reflection in the dusty mirror. The ancient antique dealer had smiled, then winked when she purchased the mirror earlier in the day. She didn’t care what he thought as she gazed at her now smooth glowing skin and grey-free hair and enjoyed her youth once more.

Thank you for participating in the challenge, Jackie! I’d like to invite you and/or your work to be featured in an upcoming post on Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins. This can be done in whatever way you like. A reblog, a guest blog, a new interview about a favorite project, or even a small sample of your latest book along with a purchasing link. You decide!

Now, without any further ado, let’s get to our next Scribble Challenge!! Here’s the new prompt:


The Rules: You have six days to ruminate if you need them. Post one submission to the prompt in the comment section below. The deadline? Saturday, April 16th @noon Atlantic Daylight Time.

  • Encourage other Scribblers. Try to comment (reply) to at least three other submissions during the week.
  • After the deadline, VOTE for your favorite submission by emailing: Sundayscribblechallenge@gmail.com. Place the lucky author’s name in the HEADER of your email.


Voting polls for this challenge OPEN immediately after the prompt deadline on April 16th, and CLOSE one week later, on April 23rd. That means the winner of THIS challenge won’t be announced until Sunday, April 24th, when the fifth challenge prompt is posted.

VOTE FOR LAST WEEK’S CHALLENGE!! EMAIL YOUR VOTES TO Sundayscribblechallenge@gmail.com.

Trolls will be escorted back to their bridge with a flaming stick of dynamite.

74 thoughts on “#SSC 3, April 10-16

  1. Thanks again for letting me know I won the first round. I missed the second, I’m sorry to say. Too much going on in life sometimes. I’ll see what I can do for this one. 🙂 Good luck, everyone!

    I’ll think about what I want done via the prize and let you know. 🙂 Thanks again! So nice of you J.A to hold these challenges.

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  2. When the detective asked where Jack was, she twisted her hands together, wiped her face with her palm and swallowed.” He left officer” she said in a squeaky voice, “Just went he did I haven’t seen him since”, dropping her head she continued feeding the pig.

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  3. “Why would anyone kill your wife, Mr. Reynolds?” I asked the grief-stricken man and watched his left eye twitch for a few seconds before he answered me. “I have no idea officer as she was a quiet, unassuming woman.”

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  4. She lifted the glass to her lips after answering the pointed question, taking a dainty sip before replacing it on the table before her. The liquid in the glass rippled from her touch as she stared down her questioner.

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  5. “Have you ever been married?” he asked, eyes glowing with the tell of attraction.
    Eleanor took a sip of her wine, her other hand caressing the metallic weight laying heavy in her pocket, “No, never…you?”

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  6. “It wasn’t me”, cried Jimmy, as he stood with hanging shoulders next to the shattered cookie jar on the floor. If only he took the time to wipe his mouth before Mom stormed into the kitchen.

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